JavaScript Detection Boolean

Can there be a block in Snap! 7 to detect if JavaScript Extensions are on, so you don't have to see the error message every time you test for it?

I also want a block that turns on Javascript Extensions automatically. I get that you can't turn on Javascript Extensions by default because of viruses, hacking, and malware, but you can DEFINITELY make a block that turns on Javascript Extensions, right?

Also I'm talking to the Snap! Dev team and admins (@jens and @bh)

That defeats the purpose of the setting.

What setting?

JavaScript Extensions

Also @joecooldoo for your Stealth OS, how does the OS detect if the Javascript Extensions are on? If I turn it off, the black screen says "Javascript Extensions off" or something like that.

You can use that method instead of asking the dev team to make the block themselves.

It shows a big fat error in fullscreen.

Yes...But you DID say that the big fat error is annoying.

By saying this you're saying that the error message is annoying.

In fullscreen.

It is annoying when it shows on the project running.

Easy solution: If your project is in Snap! 7, import the Error Catching library and base it off of that instead, like this:

try {
JS Function() {return true;}
} catch (error) {
return false;

Since most libraries use the primitive block in 7, no errors will be seen.

Your using JS. It won’t work. Your using JS to report if JS is able to be used.

Yes, but if the JS block throws an error, the error-catching block will report false instead.
Edit: I see the confusion. My script isn't supposed to be JS, it's just pseudo-code. I was just too lazy to take a screenshot or use scratchblocks


Uhh... I tried it, and:

this works

I had this:

huh, I made the same script you have, and it works fine.

try reloading

That's odd:
untitled script pic - 2021-11-09T141930.942

It probably has something to do with me doing it on BlueStacks. This pic was on Edge on the computer.