Java Processing project: 3D Planets!

I challenge anyone to make my Processing program into a Snap! project!

Just do:
when gf clicked
run(JSF[document.body.innerhtml="< canvas id="mycanvas">< script src="https:// cdn. jsdelivr. net/processing.js/1.4.8/processing.min.js"> < script>var processingInstance = new Processing(document.getElementById("mycanvas"), function(proc) {with (proc) {/*Your code*/}});")
But its not good to do a project in only js!

It's not that easy.
His program is written is Processing, which is basically Java simplified with turtle.
To embed this in Snap, you would have to use Processing.js and create a canvas/modify one with the attribute data-processing-source="Main.pde" and link the raw files.

I expected p5.js

Not the Java plugin, Processing.js


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It's not in JS it's in Processing. Processing is Java but with a load of graphic tools already built in.

Not as simple as that either because it's built with processing not processing.js.
I don't believe there is a processing compiler available in js so the program would have to be built from the ground up.

Processing.js runs Processing on a canvas although the project has been abandoned

I just realized that p5.js is basically Processing Processing with Javascript..

Really? I never knew. I've played around with p5.js a little (ok 5 mins) and I thought it was javascript with processing elements instead of java with processing elements.

I ment that it's basically Processing with JS.

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If you replace "void" with "function" and /P* */ with /let *=new P*()/

... and a few other fairly important things..... xD

yes so some String.prototype.replace might solve this