こんにちは!I want to make a program that teaches you Japanese while analyzing your response to check which areas you need to touch up on.

hey your in a collaboration right now you might want to wait.

@sir_kitten2 Team 1 remember

Yeah but its gona be like a month before we have 4 teams.

How do you know? You aren't God or anything.

well I think when we have both teams with 3 members we are starting.

We nee 4 teams. @nieznajomyh

we are doing 2

@bh please delete the offtopic posts.

You don't need to @ bh! You can just flag the post.

there is never going to be 4 teams! that would take a month to do!

maybe the length of the competition is a month

No it's not.

I like your old PFP:/

This IS my old pfp

i think he meant the cow/giraffe/whatever pfp

This one. It's a giraffe because I grew up with a stuffed giraffe a I liked it. My logo is a replica. (He has a big nose, so I can see how you can think it's a cow)

OK! Were going to make this on NetsBlox instead.