I've made some super cool custom blocks!

yeah, I came up with that too, but it actually completely broke the block! (for me)

I see that... I'll have to try something else. P.S. you replied EXACTLY when I found that glitch LOL.

yeah. I'm not sure what happened, but I think you need to change the beginning or end

I figured it out! The equation is digit_num - ((digit_num * -1) + (length(num) + 1) * 10 ^ digit_num.

Actually, 10 ^ (digit_num - 1).

Maybe not actually.

yeah, because

I think I might have the formula now.

can you try to make this?

I'll try, but it doesn't look easy.

Sorry if I made it hard...

Don't apologize! It would be hard no matter what! Besides, I like a challenge!

Thank you..

It's really easy to do.
The block

Oh ok thanks for the advice..

@coder2404 @snapuser111 welcome to Snap! Forums!

I've figured out the formula. It's (letter ((length(num) + 1) - digit_num) of (num)) * 10 ^ (digit_num - 1)


Collection of cool new blocks! script pic (4)

As bh has told me that jens did most of the work, not him.

I'm starting to think some of these people might be bots...
They all have really similar names and joined fairly recently