I've made a project that makes ENDLESS Pythagorean triples!

I've made a project that makes just endless Pythagorean triples! Check it out!]
Pythagorean Triple Maker!

Also, here's the code that's used to make them:
Pythagorean Triple Maker! script pic

wow! I think the only thing you could improve on is just to use less blocks:

is the same as

I didn't know that! Thanks for letting me know!

Hmm, not really endless, fewer than 100 possibilities, with repetitions. :~)

There's no need for those REPEAT UNTIL blocks. Just

PS If you want infinitely many distinct Pythagorean triples, you have to learn about streams and load the Streams library:

This shows the first 10 items of the infinite stream of all triples made by TRIPLES.