I've been IP banned from my school (again)

This time it was not me.

I have been IP banned from the Snap! website and from logging in on Snap!/Snap! Editor.

I don't know why the IP got banned again but I am sure it wasn't me because I was previously IP banned, then unbanned, but I've been banned again.

@bh Please help.

What IP address?

One sec..

That's a local-net address. Try doing a web search for "my IP address."

Oh yeahhh i forgot. i'll have to wait until tmr till I go back but ill give it to you then

Well most of us aren't THAT smart to try and find your location...

Maybe email it to Brian separately.

its gone

there are websites that do that for you know...


That address isn't banned, on Snap! itself or on the forum.

It's just my school though.

That's weird, it's now says this when ever I try to go on it



You probably should delete this post*

I did, though it wouldn't have mattered bc its my school's

Yes it would, you just told your schools IP address. People would find out what school you go to, along with that probably means your house is within a certain mile radius. Who knows if they have bad intentions on your school too. It can take any amount of insane to make someone do something bad, the internet can give lots of information.

i get what your saying, but like i live a little far from my school. + i've also done all the necessary precautions including calling law enforcement.

just delete it. It takes 3 seconds.