It's season 1!

Welcome to season 1!

Here's what to expect for updates today!

  • TempStore

  • Background Music

  • More sound effects

  • Landmines

Here's some future updates!
  • 4 Player mode!

  • Team Mode

  • FFA

  • Newsboard

  • Accounts

And more!!


Do you have a cloud server?


I wish I could play but its has .io in the name :frowning:

Do you mind renaming it dye-io?

i mean i would have to make a new project so idk

Step 1: Click on "See Code"
Step 2: Go to the top-left corner and click on the "File" icon, which is the icon that looks like a bent piece of paper.
Step 3: Click on the "Save as" button and save it as "dye-io" which was @mr_owlssssnap2's suggestion.

wait so it would'nt make a new project?

It would. It will just copy it.

oh ok well i knew that lol i guess i was confused

Well that's a problem. If you want accounts and online multiplayer and such, you'd probably want a cloud server. free if you want to bring in more audience. That will be a challenge for you though.

i mean with help i could make it multiplayer.

Oh, well, shoot.

Please ONLY post when you have already implemented an update. Also, just post on the main topic instead of making a new topic. Also, include a project link when doing such.

the main topic got closed..

The update is done..

then at least make this the main topic and post a project link

the new link with the name being dye-io please