It's advance! It's a computer in a computer! It's Snap+ beta

I know what your thinking. Snap+ already!?

Kinda, i just finished indev after 3 weeks of testing. It's in beta now.

It's just a snap project but it has an advance login system and a computer ina computer.

It runs 60fps on a chromebook lol.

and @joecooldoo could you make the full Snap+ logo?

Anyway play it here! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Reply if you have any suggestions, feedback, ideas, questions or anything!

Edit: I had to remove the log-in system bc Snap! does not support Javascript extensions anymore @bh you might wanna fix that of some sort

You know that
a) it was an intentional decision made by the developers, and
b) you can turn extensions on in the settings, right?
Also, why remove the login system when you could just tell the user to turn on JS?

well i tried to turn on js and it still said the same error

You went into the settings menu, checked the box that says "JavaScript extensions", and tried again?


then the error probably wasn't because of JS being disabled.

ok then what?

Well, what did it say?

I thought you said that Snap+ is basically Netblox but in Snap...

And here we are with an OS simulator that has nothing to do with Snap at all...

To be honest I kinda expected a download for a modded version of Snap! though...

yea thats what's happening soon

Why is the GUI the Windows 7 graphical interface lol

i dont know lol

Because it's easier to take a shortcut and import a scratch project than make an original interface

whats wrong with that, i gave credit.

also im working on the Snap+ bat system

@helicoptur @joecooldoo the windows thing is just temporary until i can start bat beta

So Snap+ is basically an OS?

well kinda

You can basically export the Javascript block from any project that used Javascript in the past and then import it into your project.

Nevermind it doesn't work. I'll make a Javascript Block for you.

ok. also im editing the windows gui so its not just a copy