Iterate over block inside a ringified block ?

Is there is a way to iterate/get the list of block inside a ringified block ?

For instance, it you try to get the sub list of block inside this block :
untitled script pic (1)

The result will be :

untitled script pic (2),

In short a block I wonder if a block like this one exist:
untitled script pic (4)

Maybe a number should give a special custom block like :
untitled script pic (3)
because number value are a primitive.

(Maybe it is something difficult to make from a design point of view because it mean the block order inside another block need to be stable/fixed ?)

If you want some context I was looking inside the Snap! Codification example (which is super impressive, :open_mouth:!) and I'm trying to translate a simple program to other language by myself from scratch without any black magic, and by that I mean without block with unaccessible block definition like the Map block or the code of <var> from that example.

You could try this

Eventually, all blocks become "unaccessible" as something inside them has to be implemented in a fundamental Snap! block (e.g. + or x etc)

But it would be nice a nice exercise to make a map block up out of other more fundamental Snap! blocks :slight_smile:

Oh this is perfect, thank