It wont let me change the color of a sprite

I was making a game and wanting to change to color of my sprite. i was going to do change color and wait and put it in a forever. It was not changing the color of the sprite. then i tried the set color block and nothing was changing the color of my sprite. i refreshed my page and nothing was still working.

It doesn't change color if your costume doesn't have any color, (like white, grey, and black), so try to change the sprite to a color, or change the saturation of it a bit.

Just changing the color effect on a black or white costume will do nothing. To be able to change the color, first change the saturation effect. That will allow the costume to change colors.

One of the goals of the Crayons and Colors library is to prevent people getting stuck in the Black Hole. If you load the library and use color numbers instead of hues, you don't have this problem. But I really wanted to make that library be the default color system for Snap! and that turned out to be a nonstarter for Jens, so it can't help beginners, who don't know about libraries. (And it didn't occur to me to make a color number effect; I just dealt with pen colors.)

This post inspired me to make a 'recolor pixels' block, which modifies the RGBA values by whatever amount you choose.

So if anybody needs it, it's in the above project! It'll be a bit slower on bigger sprites such as 3d Alonzo, but it should work very quickly for smaller ones.

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