Issue when adding extra input to existing block

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  1. Vivaldi (chrome type win 10)

  2. create custom block with 2 or more fields - deploy - fill in inputs - edit block and add an extra input before the existing 2 ones - apply - exisiting fields don't move along one

  3. empty input before two existing ones



Just tested in previous version

and it does the same -so maybe not a "bug" but unexpected behaviour

Seems its been around for some time .... :slight_smile:

ok, here's better instructions

  1. make a block
  2. make 2 inputs
  3. put values in the 2 inputs
  4. make another input before the 2 inputs
  5. apply

and then you'll see the bug.

I'm giving these steps because it took me a while to understand your instructions

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yours is a lot clearer :slight_smile:

yo welcome

Yeah, we know, people keep asking for this, including me. It's not a bug (does Scratch do it?) but a missing feature. Someday when things slow down.

you can only put new inputs at the end of the block in scratch, so scratch doesn't have that.

Whew! Not a bug then... :~)