Issue trying to save project

Hi !
I am roking on a project and have worked on the last revision for a few hours, but when trying to save this new revision I got this error message and thus cannot save it...

Any idea about what can be done? :frowning:

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Can you export it as an interim measure?

Neither save or export , unfortunately I get the same error both ways

As a last resort, if you haven't changed many script blocks - then maybe saving them as script pics so at least you've got a record of what you've changed

Or converting the scripts into a temporary custom block and then exporting the custom blocks instead/as well as

I would not be able to track back all the changes I have done... I also have added and modified a lot of graphics ... unfortunately...

So maybe save the modified images so that effort isn't wasted

Can you export each sprite?

worst case scenario, I could try to save back each sprite and try to rebuild the last changes... but it would take a few hours back

Any additional solution you can think out , maybe?

Sorry no :frowning:

Just for future reference, in case someone else gets a similar issue, are you able to export sprites at this time?

Firefox allows for that. Sprites sit in the download page and it seems more a feature from the browser...

Nowadays, Chrome (all browsers?) defaults to doing that when you click save (or in this case export) into my Downloads folder (on Win10 at least)

I opened the previous revision and did a couple of changes, tried to save them, same error...

However, this does not happen in Chrome, only in Firefox

Can you somehow share the project that saved in Firefox but not in Chrome with me? I'd like to investigate. Thanks!

How can I share it with you? the file sits in my computer due to being over 10Mg.
The issue actually is that it can be saved in Chrome but not in Firefox.

Ah, so it's the other way round. Regardless, I'd like to look into it. You can share the project either in the Snap! save-project dialog or on your projects-page, and then paste the url here.

Sorry I dont understand... where is the save-project dialog? you mean within this forum or in the actual Snap? I cannot generate either a url project due of the size of the project (cannot upload it to the cloud)

Maybe upload the .xml to some file sharing site and post a link to it?