Isometric Engine

Here's the project.

It currently draws a blue cube from 0,0,0 to 80,80,-80:

You may notice a few white dots in it at 2D acute corners. Those are caused by antialiasing.

"Project does not exist or is private"

Yeah, sorry. I forgot to share it. It's shared now.


I had it as "&editMode" so that whoever sees it can play around with it. Try making a truncated cube!


Here's the code for a solid cube at 0,0,0 to 80,80,-80:

It should look something like this:

Wow, good work !


I figured out the math by looking at isometric graph paper.

Here's the math, for anyone interested:
$$P_x = {x-y\over2}\times\sqrt3$$

$$P_y = {x+y\over2}+z$$

So do you just draw six octagons and let the triangles take care of themselves?

(What you need is 3D turtle graphics, so you can draw these solids other than vertical and horizontal! The standard thing is instead of TURN you have PITCH, ROLL, and YAW for the three different kinds of turning.)

No, you draw three truncated quadrilaterals, and then draw three lines to complete the outer three triangles.

Right, sorry three octagons. (That's what a "truncated quadrilateral" is...)

Here they're truncated rhombi, not truncated squares.

Well, yeah, their projections onto the plane of the stage are rhombi, but viewed as a 3D shape they're squares, aren't they?

Yeah... you're right.

I'm a teacher; I'm always right. :~P

Are you sure about that?