Is your email address correct?

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What's problem you are encountering?
I got a message saying "is your email address correct?" from the system, what does this mean?

What have you tried that didn't work?

Post a example, link, or screenshot:

An email message, a forum message, a Snap! website message? I don't know that we send out messages like that...

forum message

Well, I don't think I sent it; does it have a "from" field?

It was from the system. Also I think @earthrulerr had a problem like that too. I removed myself from it so sorry.

Oh... This may be because of the following awkward situation:

Several users have more than one account from the same email address. This isn't just for idiosyncratic reasons; some teachers create a bunch of accounts for their class, using their own email address, so they can handle password change requests for their students (which always happen, and sometimes the school won't accept incoming mail to student email addresses).

Snap! itself is perfectly happy with that situation, but the forum software isn't.

So we solved that problem by creating a unique email address for each account; if you tell us foo@bar we make it foo+snapNNNN@bar where NNNN is a unique number. This works for many email providers (in particular it works for Google, which provides email services to many schools), but not for others (in particular not for Yahoo, apparently).

So email from the forum to some people bounces. This is on the medium-urgent list of problems to solve; not urgent because student/teacher accounts still aren't done, and because we really don't send you email ordinarily, but medium-urgent because some people like to get forum digests by email.

We'll get there eventually.

I have no other accounts.

I didn't make myself clear... It's because of people with multiple accounts that we implemented this unique-email (mis?)feature, but the email modification applies to everyone.

But I fixed your email address, didn't I?

Yes on the Forum but you said it was not fixed main site.

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