Is this Against the Rules?

So, I was going through the explore page and found something rather unusual. A collection called "warmermugs" with an advertisement for a product by the same name, and a link to an external website. I was a little skeptical about whether this was okay or not. The mentioned collection can be found here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks I know it's probably not my concern but I was wondering.

Thanks for calling this to our attention. Next time, if you want, you can just flag the project.

Trouble is, it wasn't a project and I couldn't find any way to flag the collection.

Also, there's several dozen more collections like this. Take a look at the "Published Collections" section of the Explore tab.

Thank you. I deleted a bunch by hand, then despaired of finishing so asked Bernat to write a little filter (a collection but no projects -> kill the user). Because of time zone differences, he'll do that his tomorrow, which is late my tonight.

What do you mean by this?

Oh, you know, sneak into their house in the middle of the night with two katana swords Delete the account. Maybe IP-ban it, I'm not actually sure what happens when I push the button.

What happens if the user will add more projects later?

It's pretty weird to start with a collection. I think this is happening so much because we don't (yet) have a mechanism to flag a collection. But sure, we can wait a day or two before killing the account.

I think it may be quite legit. e.g teacher can start a collection as a placeholder for future student projects.

That's true. We're definitely going to do a one-time purge now, though. If there's a specific concern about teachers, we're working on teacher and student account support and will be able to exempt teachers if necessary.

those collections are not advertising nor linking to an external website.

they have nothing in them im pretty sure thats one of the things your not aloud to do.

could you elaborate? i don't recall there being anything in the rules about making empty collections.

I have seen it somewhere I don't know where tho. also I muted this topic but I still get notified.

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