Is there anyway to write images?

All i want to know is if its possible to get an image with something like the new costume boolean, and writing it with the write text pen block

and since its not currently possible, is there a way to make a block that does this

Do you mean writing text onto a costume?

I've got a few blocks (not 100% finished) that do might help out with that

i mean getting an image
untitled script pic (5)
this block in particular
and writing it with the
untitled script pic (6)
block, or an alternative that would allow me to write it

This is the bit I don't understand - I'm am old and slow :slight_smile:

Do you mean writing "Hello" on top of an costume image that your importing from the internet?

no i just want the image being imported from the internet onto the screen

I'm still not getting it

If you just want the costume from url on the screen you just go


But your mentioning the write block as well

So I feel it's not as simple as this

so the costume from url block reports the image from the url listed, so https://something/something.png
would report the image there. i want this image to be able to be typed out on the screen, without already having the image in the snap project.

I think I'm nearly there :slight_smile:

So all you want is a working


the reporter works, i just need what it reports to go on screen

So what happens when you do this at the moment?


it works, but i want it to fit in with the articles in snap news, i could send the link to it if you want

Screenshot 2022-04-11 9.01.50 AM
basicallyi want it to fit with the text here, if i put a link to an image in the text, it will put the image where the link was. if you cant get it to work or find how to make it work thats fine.

I have this reporter which will merge two costumes

So one could be the pen trails costume and the other could be your url

As I said - not finished but it might be useful to you

From what I heard, it looks like you want to put the image on screen with the text. That's easy to do, just switch to the costume (image), then go to the location the image is in the article, then stamp. This pastes the current costume onto the pen layer.


There's a lot more than that to get the text to align with the image, I just don't have the time to figure that out.

This is really complicated. Can you settle for switching to the image's costume and stamping onto the screen separately?

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