Is there any way to scale / stretch a small costume without it getting blurry?

I want to scale a small, 16x16 costume up, however when i use the "set size" or "stretch" blocks they're blurry. is there a way around this?
left is sized up, right is normal.

In general, any small, bit-mapped image isn't going to look perfect if scaled up.

But if your initial image is a vector format, then it can look quite good when scaled up.

the thing is, i can't simply convert a bitmap image to vector; the image is wiped when i do that in the snap editor.

Maybe worth trying an external svg editor like Inkscape and import them

yeah, i can always do that. however i would still like a solution for changing the size of non-vector images, without blurriness, especially due to script-created costumes.

I don't think that is possible.
As @cymplecy said:

sokoban script pic
i thought of doing something like the image above, however...
sokoban script pic (1)
it ends up weirdly stretched.

In this case, then it is possible :slight_smile:

Busy with family stuff for a few hours but I'll come back to it later (if someone else hasn't provided a solution before then)

Below says "Stamp", but it also applies to stretch:

Sure, you're repeating each pixel FACTOR times horizontally, but not vertically.

thanks! yeah, i knew i messed up with that at some point.

Taking Brian's basic algorithm, I've come up with this sped up version


[edited to add custom reporter version]

soon™, I'll release the (stretch (costume) to (x) by (y) using [algorithm v]) for exactly this

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