Is there any sort of quality assurance on the Wiki?

I know the Snap! Wiki is an unofficial wiki created by members of the community. Are there any steps taken by these members to ensure that articles are well-paced, easy-to-read, and factually based?

On the page for Snap! 4.0, I noticed copy-pasting from other sources (this isn't inherently a bad thing but kind of odd, especially since they're not referenced directly) and several malformed tags and missing file links wherever blocks were meant to be.

I tried to fix it up as much as I can, but there needs to be some major improvement here - especially if there's any chance of someone stumbling upon the wiki and thinking it's a semi-official-to-official resource.

Depends on what you mean by quality assurance.

Yes, every edit is manually patrolled by administrators. But that is not like Wikipedia's way of checking every edit and rating them which is too complex, in my opinion.

That must be because that page was copied from the Scratch Wiki; all photos there are not available on our wiki, of course. I have been slowly uploading some missing photos lately.

Thank you so much!

What do you suggest?

They hopefully won't because we explicitly state that on the front page. :slight_smile:

but if they come across it through another page, they might think it's official.