Is there any ideas on predicates that use c-shape commands?

i need these types of ideas in my new project, can you guys help me with that?
P.S. i'm new to this

untitled script pic
drag this into your project and do whatever with it
what kinds of ideas are you even looking for?
this kind of seems like a useless idea

It's how we built multi-way branches in the library before we made the primitive IF block allow multiple branches.

untitled script pic (6)

untitled script pic (4)

The block would stop as soon as a case reports True.

you know what the say, Devil; one man's trash is another man's treasure

exactly what are you in need of using these for
depending on the use you dont need them

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what's inside of each block you've made?

you should be able to drag and drop them into the editor to import the definition as well

I didn't make all the libraries! Just some of them.

If you import a library it'll probably have help available for its blocks. (Right-click the block and choose "help.") Or you can look up the libraries in the Reference Manual.

remember the manual is outdated too so a few of the libraries covered no longer exist

Yeah but mostly it covers the ones that do exist.

exactly, can't they use that?

i dont think thats what they want to do with them

well it's the example bh gave
and if they want that can't they just use the primitive? it's really simple

i assume they asked for the definitions for a different reason

i mean technically this topic is just for getting ideas so yeah it's probably curiosity
also, @u39902fh, why is this topic in feature requests? you're not requesting any features, you're asking for block ideas
it's especially confusing that you chose "Forum Feature Requests" because that's definitely not what this is

theyre very new, maybe didnt know where to put it?

well yeah, maybe, but the topic descriptions are very clear

Don't pick on the new users, gang. Make constructive suggestions, or ask constructive questions. "Did you have some specific purpose in mind?" for example.

mb not trying to

ehhhh... technically i did