Is there an equivalent to Scratch's "Phosphorus" for Snap!'?

You read the title. My current project (work in progress) runs on a tile based rendering system, to try and replicate the original Mario games. However, due to the abundance of clones created by this very system, the project can suffer to some massive lag spikes, and if full screen is entered... well, Chrome freaks out. I'm wondering if there's any equivalent to Scratch's Phosphorus tool, to work as an alternative launcher for the game and make it run significantly faster.

Unfortunately there's no working solution (yet). I'm pretty sure there is something that is in the works to do what you want, but it's not ready yet.

To reduce lag when you have a ton of clones, maybe instead of having them all be loaded, instead only create the clones if they would be visible on-screen, and delete them when they become off screen. This would significantly improve the performance, as it wouldn't be trying to load a bunch of clones that you cannot see.

I used the trick to only load the clones on screen, and it was still practically unplayable, (even with turbo mode enabled), hence why I wanted to use something like Phosphorus in the first place. I was originally planning to use something like Snapp to (potentially) make it run faster, but that hasn’t been updated in years. The really frustrating part was seeing that Scratch is able to handle it just fine in regular mode, but Snap just chokes when attempting to run it; (and my assignment is to use Snap and not Scratch)

Try setting the clone anchor to the parent sprite and only move the parent sprite. Moving the parent sprite moves all children sprites. That might make it run better, but I haven't tested it yet.

Update: Got permission to port the game over to Scratch, should fix any issues.

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