Is there an easy way to copy a textual result to the clipboard?

I typically right click, export, open in a file editor, select all, and then copy.

Alternatively in some contexts I can call list of what I want and then select blockify and copy the text from the resulting list block.

And on occasion I "cheat" with a JavaScript block that just puts its input on the clipboard directly.

Perhaps the right click menu for text can offer a copy to clipboard option?

Maybe I'm odd if having to do this a lot.

In what medium do you have the text in the first place? Value of a variable?

Most often it is the value of a variable but sometimes it the output of a reporter.

Dev mode->log
it is console.log()

I often put reporter into list block - run it and then blockify the result and copy/paste it


Jens says we can't have an easy, right-click copy to clipboard but I just think he's not trying hard enough.......... :slight_smile:

The problem with it is that not all browsers support the function (ahem, safari).

You may alter default :snap: behaviorr with simple JS Alt2Clip script pic
If you run a reporter or use "result pic..." with Alt pressed, a simple value or JSON of the result is copied to clipboard (lists, strings, and numbers only). With the user script manager it can be semi-persistent.

Chrome@Win10, Clipboard API for text is now supported by all major browsers, but some privacy/security restriction may apply.

Obj2XML script pic (1) with costume support

According to "navigator.clipboard.writeText" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
every browser (except IE) supports it. Though some require it be causally connected to a user event.

Geez, there's quantum physics in software?

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