Is there a way to reverse sound using snap?

Title says all. How do I reverse sound in snap without using JS?
Also, please just show me how to do it instead of trying to explain it, since I have difficulty understanding explanations.

Thanks! I don't know how I didn't know this before.

So I tested it out, and I don't know how it's not working, but it's not reversed. Did I do something wrong?

I have a feeling that the reverse block doesn't reverse lists inside lists (I don't have time to test it out)

Um but I'm not looking for how to reverse lists, I'm looking for how to reverse sound-

unless i need the lists to reverse sound, that is.

the samples of a sound is a huge list. Stereo sounds have two lists inside a list. When we manipulate sounds, we're just editing a list, and then converting that back to a sound.

Oh, okay.

Oh, so it's


Omg yes! It works! Thanks again.

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