Is there a way to merge multiple costumes and change certain colors in them?

title is self explanatory.

wait, combining costumes and changing costumes color

so if i have a costume that is the text A
and i have another one that us the text E


and then changing A to be red and E to be green?

and then you merge them together. but you could also have O and you merge with E, and get Œ. but then you merge with Æ, and you get AEEO. bu then I want to make all the red colors of that costume darker, but before I mixed AE and OE I made all colors brighter, and more blue. how do I do this?

Yes, we have a special feature for this. It's called Photoshop. :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: photoshop costs money

Fine, Inkscape, or the Gimp.

I meant with snap code

my art teacher told me that in high school or middle school, they will give you a free photoshop account :man_shrugging:

oh wait never mind you said with Snap! code

im in 3rd grade, you probably didnt/dont go to the same school as me,


i edited my post when you were replying

here's one way to do it, but I know that this isn't the best way since this doesn't exactly run super fast.

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