Is there a way to make it where a game saves your progress

I really want people to enjoy Defender as much as possible, and i believe that saves will add the extra spark of fun to the game.

you can store save data in the database library. Here's a tip, use json to store a list in the database.

Please simplify. i have a small brain

Hey, cash. Use browser storage. I can make a "chapter saving engine" if you want

i just need something that saves progress

I can make this. Give me like 15 minutes
@oofpaste249 is there any items or anything you want to be saved? Like a value or something?

all of the levels completed which there are probrably going to be alot because i want this to be a full fledged game. and also the upgrades that i have not made yet. By the way im not going to be active until like 1:30pm today so i will reply to any new messages then

if you load the database library (file > libraries > database) you can then use the store key block like this
untitled script pic

then stick a list inside the json of block (json is an item in the length of list block). When you want to get the data back, just do this
untitled script pic (55)

Ok I was eating breakfast, the block will have settings to use so this wont be a problem

This is taking me longer than I expected, it may or may not get done today...

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