Is there a way to make a android app from snap! like in snapp

And are there any themes to make the editor look more like scratch 3 (not just the flat theme)

Hey! Welcome to the Snap! (how do people do the italicized explanation mark?) forum, @meatboy18!
I can answer your second question (the one in the body text of the post) off of the top of my head. With my current knowledge, no, there are no themes applicable to the Snap! editor, though that is something that would be interesting - and possible (I'm looking at you mods).

Regarding your first question, many people (including myself) will generally be unable to completely answer the question, however, I can set you on the right path.

As you have (presumably) been unable to figure it out, I will explain things from the bottom up.

Other than files, your main issue will be the difference in screen size, however, with the example I'll provide at the end of this reply, it might be alright automatically.

Your real problem is the files themselves. Snapp! turns your project into a .zip file (compressed), and the .exe relies on the files within the .zip file to run. If you can get them to run on PC, props to you, I'm just bad. But the problem is the extra files being required. I don't know how Android Paths work (for example on PC it would be C:>users/depthsoftheunknown/folder/folder etc.), so changing files that way would be considerably hard.

If you can overcome this hurdle, then as long as your project is 100% compatible with Android's GUI (no typing, it will mess it all up), then you theoretically should be fine.

I don't know though, I haven't tried something like this (partially because I can't get the .exe files to run in the first place).

Now, for my example for as to why the screen size might not matter. I'd presume you've heard of a game called "UNDERTALE", you know, that really awesome and amazing game on PC, PS4, Switch, etc.? Yeah, well, it's possible to get it on your phone - given you run some programs and such. That's my example. Your welcome.

Anyways, I hope this helped in the slightest bit!

Snapp! (@depthsoftheunknown: <i>!</i>) does not make native android apps. Sounds like an excellent project for someone who understands native android development.

As for themes, we really like the one we have. (Some of us like the flat one, for some reason.) In particular, looking just like Scratch is not one of our goals, especially since they moved to hideous Blockly blocks. Also, in Snap! the visual display isn't just an overlay on some underlying "real" language; the blocks themselves carry their meaning. This means that tinkering with the appearance can easily mess up the evaluation -- and then you ask us to debug your mod, which we don't have time to do.

Well, you could convert the file (as my previous reply mentioned), however I'm not entirely sure if that could work. But it's still a possibility!

Also, thanks for telling me how to write the italicized exclamation mark!

An .exe file contains Intel Pentium series machine language instructions. That language is entirely different from the ARM machine language in phones and tablets. (The processors in phones are different from the ones in computers mainly because in phones there's not enough room for the heat generated by the processor to dissipate. So a phone with a Pentium chip would melt.)

Secondly, if it's an .exe file it has built into it the software architecture of Windows, especially around graphics. You'd have more of a chance if you started with a Linux app from Snapp!, because Android is basically Linux inside.

The bottom line is, you can't just run an executable program that was compiled for one system on a different system. You'd have to teach Snapp! how to compile for Android.

Ah, I see what you mean. I'm not the kind of guy whose good with hardware, so I didn't think about external issues such as that.

I just found this article

I have no idea if this would enable one to run Snapp! output

if you can convert a snap project into HTML, you can run it as an android app I know, the page is talking about embedding forkphorus scratch projects to .apk, but the forkphorus link that you use is an HTML, so it'll work with any HTML link, right?

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