Is there a way to get each element of a list recursively?

I want to make a block that goes through all items from a list but I don't know how.

Like this block:
untitled script pic (3)
But including items that are in lists inside another lists.

make a new custom block "process (listxyz)"
add your "for each (item) in (listxyz)" block
add "if item is a list" inside the for each block and recall the function with item as parameter

i think it should work

yeah it works!!! Thanks

Another way is just to call FLATTEN on the list and use the result with FOR EACH.

Yeah, good idea

yes, but I needed to keep the position of the items, so if I use flatten i lose the positions

I think you can use RESHAPE for that.

Yes, this could be useful in case you are using lists of which you keep track of their length, but if you have a list like this:
untitled script pic (9)

you can't reshape to exactly how it was before having flattened it

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