Is there a way for making bigger Quesions visible on the screen?

I am trying to programm a quizz, and i will finish it soon.
But i have one Problem that i couldnt solve. The ask Window on the screen is to small
for some of my Questions and i dont like the idea of making those questions shorter. IS there any way to make this Window bigger?
I would be very happy about some help.

Here is a Screenshot:

You can make a sprite that is showing ask the question. That way the question is in a speech bubble, so the whole thing will show. Here's an example.


How are you getting an answer box that isn't the full width of the stage?

You don't get full width in presentation mode

Or to expand - the ask box doesn't resize when you change stage size

Ah. Thanks.

Thank you for the help :smile:

Keep in mind:

This will not work for the stage as it always displays the question above the input box.

just use the join block with unicode 10

You can't do that because the ask box doesn't support multilines

oh ok

but if you show the sprite:

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