Is there a way for a script to tell if Snap! is in full-screen mode or not?

I would like to 'say' something to the user only in the mode where only the stage is visible.

Why, yes there is! Load the library "Provide getters and setters for all GUI-controlled global settings." One of those settings is "presentation mode."

Be sure to tell Jens how useful it is, and how pleased you are at Snap! 's progress toward full Eisenbergification.

Thanks. Works perfectly. But I question the name "presentation mode" - it doesn't mean run in full-screen mode to me.

Also the library is hard to find (at least on Windows) since the dialog looks like this:


where it looks like some library about getters and setters that I assumed was some object-oriented programming feature since the important part of the library name was scrolled away.

Re "presentation mode": There's a lot of unexamined details of the interface that we inherited from Scratch. I guess you're right that it's the sort of name that you have to already know to recognize. I'm nervous about changing names of things because of old projects and old people and stuff, but we can talk about it.

Re the bad library selection dialog: Yes we all know it's terrible, and changing it should trickle up to the top of the small-things list pretty quickly, I think. That's a good call about hiding the critical part of the name. I think it's the only library with that problem.

(One thing I want to change is to list the library's filename, as we used to, in addition to its longer description. But in this case, probably seeing "Eisenbergification" probably wouldn't have helped you. :~P)

maybe name it "meta"?