Is there a Snap! desktop client?

I wonder if there's a way you can install Snap! like Scratch's offline editors.

I know Chrome has the option to install, but that does not feel right in the slightest, I would like it running as a standalone Windows app, or a MacOS "dmg" installer. with PowerPC support if possible

sorry for specific requirements but again, if possible it would be cool if it worked on win7 too, I read somewhere Electron was dropping support for anything below win10, I could give it a try though

I don't think there is a standalone version, but you could probably make it in Electron. (You can download Snap!'s source here.)

There is no native application for snap, as it's created as a web app. Installing it via chrome is the official method, but like @bluebaritone21 said, the source code is available to download (which is also the recommended way to run snap offline), and then package it with electron. I'm pretty sure scratch 3.0 desktop uses electron, so it wouldn't be too far off from what scratch ises.

As far as I know, when downloading the source code for Snap through Github, running the "snap.html" file inside of the main directory runs Snap in the browser without needing internet access. (note that it will not be automatically updated)

Yes. However, that is not a native application. For that, you need Electron.

Fair, but I personally don't see where a native application would be more useful than just running it through the already usable source code (in my opinion, it's a bit less.) Still, if you wanted to, Electron would probably work fine.

What's the status of Snapp! ? I used to just give it an empty project to create a standalone Snap!.

Snapp! is very outdated (still on snap 6.2.1), and is not being maintained anymore.

You can use Desktop version , currently v9.1.1.

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