Is there a new TOTM this month?

@jadga Did you know ?

If we can recommend stuff I'd recommend "Adventure"

Made a banner for fun

At first glance I thought the rightmost screenshot was Snoopy on top of his doghouse. :~)


About the original question, I think we posted the current TOTM quite late in March, so decided to keep it for April as well. Sorry about that.


I totally forgot to ask for a new one and then didn't have time to make a banner, so we decided to keep pixels on for April, too.

Adventures sounds good though for May. Let me know if you want us to use your banner, if not, I can make one.


You can if you want to, you don't have to.

oki doki, get your projects ready, adventure it is.
and I'll make a new banner :slight_smile:

pls keep the search horror game on the banner

Ugh please don't get us in trouble.

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