Is that a new game update? (

sup guys!

im back after my 15 day break and i wont be offline for that long ever again!

Before i start im just wondering... didnt @slate_technologies say he'd quit but his still active to this day?? idk just something i thought about.

anyway heres the main topic!

  1. season 2!

  2. has a new project has been updated!!

a lot of things has been changed / added that i cant list it all!

go ahead and check it out! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

This is my full return to Snap.


Um...I'm a bit of a coding beginner even though I have been coding for the past 4 years. And I can't solve my own problems. So I've been asking people all over the forums (And continuing to poison the forums with my awful comments and my arguments).

I'll stop. Well, I'll try to stop arguing or saying mean comments. I say "I'll try" because some people like to pick a fight with me. And believe me, I can fight back real hard.

I could be considered an artist for four years, but I don't consider myself that because I only draw characters I made up that look like they came from a Kirby game and thus I am not actually very good at drawing. So I don't think coding for four years itself would mean you're a good programmer, it's also dependent on how often you do it and how much you challenge yourself.

I've only done Python programming by itself, C# programming with Visual Studio Code and Unity, JAVA programming with Eclipse and Oracle Framework, Snap! and Scratch programming with none other than Snap! and Scratch, C++ or C with Arduino IDE...

I think that's all.

That overlaps a bit with programming languages I use, which are, in order of when I first started using them:

  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Snap!
  • JavaScript
  • Scheme
  • Prolog
  • Smalltalk (in the form of Squeak)

I know this has nothing to do with you guys’d chat but here is the order I learned.

HTML (yes it is a programming language deal with it people, it is classified as one)
Now learning basic SQL and CSS. Maybe a bit of JS but just simple things, mainly CSS and SQL.

No it is a markup language like XML. you can’t program the fibonacci sequence solely with HTML tags, other than script tags which doesn’t count because it uses a different language.

I would like to join in but I don’t want to stray this topic further off.

HTML is still CLASSIFIED as a programming language even though it’s TECHNICALLY not.

Since it's technically not a programming language, it shouldn't be classified as one. It is a different type of language. It's also not turing complete. Maybe we should have this conversation elsewhere (A separate topic in Computer Science). There are a few arguments that can be made on either side.

If you look up HTML, it says programming language on the websites and results that come up.

You can technically merge Javascript and CSS with HTML. That way it would be coding. You could do all your CSS and JS coding in the HTML script.

Did you make the music by yourself? It's kind of a banger!