Is pointing fingers allowed?

I've seen people on the Snap! Forums point fingers on each other by saying "I am talking about [USER]" or something like that. The term used for those actions are called "pointing fingers" because the people who do that are rude by referring to another person they feel offended by in a harassing way.

So tell me, is pointing fingers on one another allowed? Or is there a rule for the action?

I'll ping @jens and @bh to see what they think.

I think in general, don't do it as it is mean.

Yeah, but people still do this to be nosy and annoying.

I think Snap! Forums moderators are active enough to viewing all reports and react.

That is true. @bh has said before, that he read every single post on the forum.

The mods here are excellent ngl.

What do you mean?

Well, they are excellent, it's just that they take a long time to reply because they have a LOT of flags and posts to read.

I'm not complaining, by the way. I also think the mods are excellent because they answer comments and questions and flags.

I'll just mark this as a solution so that people can see it.

You're very right my friend.

@bh please tell us something.

I asked him to tell us something about this problem (The problem being pointing fingers on one another), not only read our comments and say "This is what I deal with every day."

But what for? I don't see a reason for "bh" should to reply on this topic :-/

What the hell is a pointing finger

Jeez Louise, I think I'm going to have to start reading the forum only two randomly chosen days each week or something! As it happens, I spent yesterday in bed sick, but ya know sometimes I do have to do things other than the forum!

As for your question, I think there's been plenty of bad behavior all around, and all of you could benefit from asking yourself "If I post this, is it really going to improve the forum?" I've cancelled plenty of my own posts in between writing them and hitting Reply!


Holy truth :expressionless:

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