Is it possible to use colors with custom blocks

I want to use the color picker from the set pen color to [color] block. is it possible

You can't. You can't use the "hue at" block and then put it to "set pen color to" block.

It's impossible.

it is possible, but you do need to edit the xml (or use a userscript that'll add it to the inputs menu). Your best bet is just to use the colors and crayons library. It already has a block that has the color input, and is able to convert it to a format that is understandable.

do you know any userscripts that do add it to the inputs menu?

here's one!%20Color%20Picker.user.js and to install it, just use a browser extension like tampermonkey.

you can make your own color picker, it's a fun and rewarding project we like to do with students!

but some people cant install tampermonkey, what do we do?

how? with js?

The easy way is to just put the js in the userscript in a js block in snap, then run that. You can also find another browser extension that can install userscripts.

Current browsers should have userscript support built-in. Just click a link and accept prompt to install.

??? Old project from forum Username=funtime_foxy101&ProjectName=Sketch%20Maker%20Pro

Space choose from color tray
Shift pick from stage

untitled script pic - 2022-04-05T022716.356

untitled script pic(6)

It's not an extension...

Of course, your browser/OS can be a "jailed" one, i.e., managed by other parties, and built-in user-scripts are also restricted. I do not want to encourage or assist you in bypassing any legitimate restrictions, so for me, this part is EOT.

It's from color picker.
You may try even simpler now
untitled script pic (32)
then change color of the sprite.
untitled script pic (33)

Update: Please note that it is no longer possible to install userscripts directly from third-party websites. Chrome will refuse to install those and download them instead. You can still install them at the time of writing, but need to drag and drop them from your local system to the extensions page of the browser to do so.
Update 2: Google announced that it will restrict installation of third-party extensions and userscripts in Chrome Stable and Beta further in 2014. What this means is that users of said browsers won't be able to install scripts or extensions from third-party sources directly anymore.

tl;dr you can't install userscripts directly anymore.
A solution is provided at :

(from what I read you might have to enable developer mode)
But most school chromebooks are configured to block custom extension installation, which was the original problem

Yes you are right, sorry for misleading...


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