Is it possible to multiline with the "write {}" block?

just a simple question

No; newlines show up as a space; but you can make a block that does.

wanna help me with that

Sure! Just give me a few minutes to make it.

also, this is for the Snap! News client


untitled script pic (1)
here's my new one

No, but I have a block for that in my Custom Blocks project.

The result will look a bit nicer if you

A little extra vertical space between lines is very common in printing; the technical term is "leading." (Pronounce "lead" like the chemical element, not like getting people to do stuff. It's called that because back in the day, before computers, the space between lines was an actual thin slice of lead, the metal.)

i feel like using "-" will be easier and faster

I like to use
Because this way, it looks nice if you have the text at a roation.

Oh yeah right. I'll fix that.

After a bit of testing, I realized, that didn't work, but this does

If you're wondering what the difference is with all the other versions of this block, mine preserves the direction the sprite is facing. Using change y by assumes the sprite will always be facing 90 degrees, which is not the case.

I've fixed it.


What does that slang term mean?

Groovy, cool, copacetic, out of sight, awesome, terrific, far out, etc.

I think that "groovy" comes from "in the groove," and that that comes from the groove on vinyl records, but I'm not sure about either half of that attempt at etymology.

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the first half is correct.

can someone close this topic