Is it possible to mod Minecraft using Snap?

Is it possible to basically make a mod with Snap! and run it in Minecraft, like how some people use Python libraries to mod Minecraft?

I'm quite a Python noobie, and I think I'm just too good for Python. It's child's play (Okay, maybe it isn't, but I hate it because it doesn't make me look professional), but at the same time, command blocks are too hard to code and coding some stuff is too difficult without exposing pressure plates or using redstone components. (At this point my post is basically showcasing the pros and cons of Minecraft =|.)

Anyways, I digress. Python is too good for me and Minecraft is very limited is my point. So I've directed my attention towards Snap! because Snap! is a professional (Well, maybe it isn't.) programming language and you can make your own blocks to fit your needs and concerns.

Probably not, to say the least, I have no idea how you'd do it.

It is possible. I am working on a project that uses the code connection api to be able to interact with minecraft bedrock edition (as well as education edition). I know it should be possible to make a java mod that adds an api that you can then use in snap, in fact, there might already be a mod that can do that. I mean, I saw a mod somewhere that allows you to use scratch to interact with minecraft.

Here's my code connection project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (it's a work in progress)

Yes, it's possible. In fact it's been done at least twice; there were talks about them at last year's Snap!Con. Both of them involve customized Minecraft servers.

Is the code for the local server available?


Probably because it's associated with being a beginner language, that's just my guess.

He says that command blocks are more "professional", which isn't true???

They aren't, snap, no, KoGaMa logic cubes (look it up, less powerful than snap) are more powerful than command blocks

Yes, it is an app mojang developed for education edition, but it also works for bedrock edition. You can get it here Minecraft for Windows 10 Setup for MakeCode as well as instructions to get it set up. The instructions apply, except if you want to use snap, just go here, but if you want a quick shortcut in the app, just click on add service, then give it a name, then paste in the url (or if you made your own project, paste that) then click add. After that, just click on the new button, it'll open that up in your browser.

I'm not sure if someone has made a way to use this that doesn't use code connection, and if they did, then it could be used on macos, or linux.

Just saying, the app was discontinued, but it still works with modern minecraft (even the new blocks). That's why the scratch service is in scratchx, even though you can't use it (unless you use a browser that hasn't removed flash)

I guess they could make a Minecraft (Java) mod that makes a similar server that you could interact with
I'm pretty sure someone has done this with Blockly

They really are not, command block-less stuff is far more impressive than things that use them.

Codification to java

That won't work, or at least, there's much better ways to do what the OP wants (namely, api)

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