Is it possible to get the blockspec of a block (WITHOUT JS)

I am trying to get a blockspec of a block, closest I could get is this:
blockspec limit script pic

but if the blockspec gets a bit long, it gets cut off (for example the turn counterclockwise block and most of the scratch list blocks, this is a snap issue, not me, and I dont know why it is like this.). I know you can

but I don't want to use JS.

if you need to know the (purely internal) blockspec you're doing it wrong. Use the block's label instead.

why? the label does not show info about the blocks inputs, and the blockspec makes much more sense than the arbitrary seeming INPUTS OF block.

because I make the language and I'm telling you that "blockspec" has never been part of it and that I'm deprecating its internal use. Instead there is a block that lets you find out all you need to know about another block:


And in the upcoming v10 that list is going to grow and can also be applied to all primitive blocks:

Which other information do you feel you need?

ohh nice, this is much more descriptive. but when I looked at the dev version just now, I just realized there is a blockspec block in microworld. why does this exist, and why does it only work on primitives? I think after looking at the JS of that library, it seems to specifically use the selector for primitives rather than the blockspec. im not sure what advantage this gives though.

these EDC microworlds are probably not a great idea to use. We've integrated them to keep their work alive after they ran out of funding. Like many other extensions we didn't write those and we're not maintaining or even endorsing them, we just think it's cool that folks can use Snap! for their cool projects.

oh i should have known.

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