Is it possible to enable JavaScript extensions on the project showcase page?

I'm sending this project to a friend to prank them, thanks to pkmnq.

Unfortunately, JavaScript extensions start default OFF.

How can I enable them on the embed button?

How can I "see code" and "turn it on" when the project is embedded on another website?

That's the whole point. The thing you want to do is precisely what we're trying to prevent!

Look, most of our users are wonderful people, and I'm sure you're one of them. But we are dealing with a threat from a vanishingly small number of non-wonderful users, and with such people, we don't want to encourage anyone to enable JS in their project because the project displays what it claims is their code. They should click "see code" and read the actual code!

I wish we were living in a different world, like the world I grew up in, where most sites on the (then) Arpanet had guest accounts with no password required. Partly that's because not everyone could get on the net back then, but also there weren't any banks or stores on the net, so there was no profit to be had from breaking into someone's account.

Oh. By "eye" do you mean the green circle that isn't the green flag icon?

I have been able to enable js extensions using the console, so it is possible to do it on the project page. Thing is, you'd actually have to know the js function in order to do it.

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