Is it possible to change the resolution of the stage?


I need to print on a big format (A1, A0) some of my vee-flowers production in order to test the image in a big size. In fact, I want to propose my vee-flowers for a little exhibition in september. But I have to send some exemples first.

I wonder whether I could change the original resolution of the Stage (which is 72 px/inch by default) ?

Could you advise me on how I can export a good enough image from the stage to be printed.

Thank you !

Are the pictures drawn with a sprite's pen? You can enable "Log pen vectors" in the Settings menu and then export the resulting picture as an svg, which can be reproduced at any size because it's not pixel-based.

Thank you @bh
Here is my first picture.

Then, if I do what you're saying, I obtain:

The leaves are svg-sprites.

Leaves must be drawn by pen to get them as a "pen vectors". Or maybe Jens can append SVG sprite stamp to "pen vectors",

But some of them are drawn with a graphic tablet as svg-sprites.
I don't understand why my svg-sprites could not be exported with the svg stage.

If it's not possible, how can I export the png stage with a 300 dpi resolution instead of 72 ?

Oh yes ! Please @jens , I absolutely need this...

I have another problem with the stage size.

If I export the stage, I have an image of 3840 × 2160 (dispay set to 1920x1080, with retina support On).

But if I use this function:

to automatize the processus, the size of the image is : 1920x1080

Did I miss something?

Jens says: Set the stage size how you want it, but you don't need more than 600dpi and probably not that much, and then use the mini-stage button and/or the resize handle to make it fit your screen. (So, not vectors.)

But then I lose everything... I don't see anymore neither the mini-stage button, neither the resize handle.
I work on Firefox 89.0.2 on Mac Os 10.15.7

You can use unzoom control of browser or look for a way to change Device Pixel Ratio to gain acces to full native screen resolution

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There is a quick'n'dirty project to create SVG image with code: present:Username=dardoro&ProjectName=SVG
There are only paths and sprites implmented as SVG "symbol"
"svg text" should be exported and renamed as *.svg files.
Maybe You can build something this way.

Please tell me the actual stage size numbers you're using.

Retina display on

I think that I understand what's going on. It seems that when I use the block pentrails, the retina support on doesn't match with this block, since I export an image whose size proves that the retina support is off.

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