Is it possible to add a script to sprite

e.g. something that would make this work

ScratchToSnap script pic

Not yet. Well, it is, sorta, but only in a very indirect way that's not at all intended for this kind of operation. (And if you do find it please don't start a forum gang rush around it, okay? ^^).

I'm totally undecided about this. Technically it's trivial to implement (same as allowing hat blocks inside rings). What I'm most afraid of is shared assets (extensions, libraries, smart costumes, sprites, scripts etc.) that end up modifying the project by deleting scripts without the author's explicit consent or even notice. Of course, that once iron-clad principle has already been eroded in countless ways over the past 2 years, and so far no disasters (that I know of) have struck. Therefore - I think - it's not so much an issue of discussing the pros and cons of adding more meta stuff, but of waiting for another couple of months to see whether bad things happen or not :slight_smile:

Maybe the scripts could only deactivate other scripts. That way scripts are not lost, and a project can easily be returned to normal.

Or maybe only modify its own scripts that it creates, and cannot escape that environment.