Is it possible for the original author to be identified in the work?

I'm a teacher. Currently, I'm asking students to submit their work by URL to my Schoolbox blog. However, since other students can see the blog comments some of them will realise that they can load another students work, save it to their account and submit it as their own. This would be copying without understanding.

So, is it possible for the original author to somehow be identified in the work?

I realise I have other options. Students can submit their XML file. But that would mean that they are missing out on the whole cloud experience which I think is not ideal.

If a user uses a save function on another project (saved to the snap cloud) it will say "this is a remix of [link to the project]".

but exporting and importing doesn't count

There's no absolutely foolproof way, if that's what you're asking. The web site keeps track of the original author of a remixed project, but that's just because people are curious to know; we don't try to prevent deliberate cheating.

You could try turnitin or some such service, I guess.

I've edit a random project:

After save as:

No mention of remix...

Doesn't always work though.

the project you edited doesnt exist...

my link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

the link it actually is: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
its the same but gave me error

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