Is Gobo or Alonzo from Scratch or Snap!?

Because I saw in the Scratch Wiki that Scratch created it but Snap! modified it

Yes, they made Gobo and we modified it to make Alonzo.

i think the difference is the head of Alonzo because Gobo and Alonzo's head's are different

Yes, Alonzo has a lambda haircut.

isn't lambda logo half life logo?

i dont know much anything about half-life but maybe? but the snap logo isnt based off of that logo and also this is off-topic

Lambda represents a lot of different things to different groups, but for us it means an anonymous function, the thing you get by putting a block or script in a gray ring. It comes from lambda calculus, which is an attempt to base all of mathematics on the idea of a function. (Around 1900 a bunch of mathematicians had this idea of basing mathematics on one fundamental idea; the most common one was the set.)

It is interesting to note, however, that the half-life logo is actually a lambda, as it is a symbol used in radioactive decay equations.

(I readed all posts)

Gobo made by ST (Scratch Team) Alonzo is Gobo-like sprite.

It is a literal modification.

what does that look like?


oh it looks very alike

thanks for the picture

I didn't realize Gobo had a name. It's so cute

But do you have another character than Gobo Alonzo?

There's a costume library (borrowed from Scratch) but we don't have any other special-to-us mascots.

I don't see any costume library...

File > Costumes

Oh, cool!

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