Is divisible by

Hey I have no idea how to post a forum/question without replying to anyone, theres no obvious buttons and no matter where I look I just cant seem to find a way to do it. So im commenting here because I need help with one of my projects, I was told to use a "is _ divisible by _ ?" block but I have no idea where to find it. can anyone help me?

Hi. Welcome to the forum!

You're supposed to have written IS DIVISIBLE BY yourself! If you're a BJC student, you wrote it in Unit 2, Lab 4, page 1, problem 3.

P.S. When you're looking at the topic list in a category, there should be a red "New Topic" button near the top right corner.

heres a block i made quickly: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

Thank you! I had to skip over that page and forgot to go back to it so I appreciate the help

Nah, don't do his homework for him!

Grr, what part of

don't you understand?

It's not that the solution is a big secret or anything, just that the way you learn stuff is by struggling through it yourself. Or if you can't do that, you post "here's what I tried and here's how it failed" and then people can suggest ways to think about it.

Thank you for giving me the block, but I have to politely decline. I think doing it myself will help me develop the skills needed to complete projects without help

@coder_07 there is an easier way to make that block.

Then how would you do it?

V1 divided by V1 if you get an answer it is divisible‚Äč:smirk:

Even better, <((v1) mod (v2)) = [0]>


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