iPad keyboards... sigh

Not that I want to start using iPads for everything, in my specific use case it makes sense for me to use iPads with keyboards.

My students are designing apps for a touch screen, that has a keyboard. To test their apps, it makes sense to use a keyboard (to change the state of the app). However, keyboards on iPads are only active when an input area is focused. I found this javascript workaround javascript - IOS show keyboard on input focus - Stack Overflow

Below is a block that activates the iPad keyboard. Just wondering if anyone has worked on something similar and posting this for future forum hunters.


Are you trying to share something, or do you need help... ?

If anyone has a better solution I would love to hear it.

Also sharing.

Well, you can create a keyboard within the project using clones or stamps. If you want, I'll try to make one for you...

Here is a pen keyboard I made: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
This also supports computer key presses.
I will be adding more to it soon...
Thank you @dardoro for fixing the bugs.

Wow! That is great.

I am looking for the events from the keyboard... not sure if that would be possible.

Thank for your work!

Could you explain? I can possibly add what you suggest.

I think I know what your talking about. I just created a joystick in the same project.