IP Ban Issue [Ongoing]

Don't bump, send us an email with the IP address in question, let us know what kind of IP address it is, and what happened to get it automatically banned. Is it an IP address from your school? If you try to access forbidden directories with personal information of our users you get two very explicit warnings. Ignoring those gets your IP address banned. You need to make a really plausible good case to convince us to manually un-ban it. Therefore, if this is - as you say - in your school, have your teacher send us an email.

But don't bump.

Therefore, if this is - as you say - in your school, have your teacher send us an email.

oh... time to migrate to netsblox i guess :frowning_face:

Seriously, what's the matter? Why are complaining about an IP ban in the forum and refuse to tell us anything specific that would let us help you? You can send us an email, message any of us personally, or ask your teacher or help. Or you can post that IP address in question right here, what's the problem?

oh oof
uhh wait is there a dm system on here? that could work
i looked all around for one but found nothing

Also if I'm sounding annoying or obnoxious i am genuinely sorry

No worries about being annoying, we're really wanting to help you. There's not direct messaging system here, you'll have to send us - or me - an email. If your school won't allow that can't you send us that email from home, or tell your teacher about the IP ban and let them contact us.

...you know what
i'll just put this here
[read and removed by jens]

thanks! I've removed it in your post after having read it. Looking into it.....

Wait, that's a local IP you sent me! It never reaches our server and can't be banned. The one that's banned must be your network's one, probably managed by your school. Hey, we believe you that you didn't try to hack us, okay. But somebody in your or your school's local network did. I'm sorry but I really think you should report this to whoever is in charge at your school to get in touch with us.

oof... i don't think i'm even supposed to use snap! at school, so bringing this up would probably just get me in more trouble. genuinely considering moving to netsblox now :disappointed:

only other piece of info i have: 90:0F:0C:74:80:75

Alright, leaving snap i guess until further notice

Will be better if you contact with school administration.
Don't worry... you can this :wink: Just collaborate

Just explain, and ask. And if you get in trouble, that's that.

P.S. @jens the forum does actually have PM's, you just have to create it.

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