Invalid Latin Character Detector

Invalid Latin Characters
Original Letter Look-Alike(s)
a а ạ ą ä à á ą
c с ʗ ƈ ċ
d ԁ ɗ
e е ẹ ė é è
g ġ
h һ
i і í ï
j ј ʝ
k κ
l ӏ ḷ
n ո
o о ο օ ȯ ọ ỏ ơ ó ò ö
p р
q զ
s ʂ
u υ ս ü ú ù
v ν ѵ
x х ҳ
y у ý
z ʐ ż

I saw a youtube video by ThioJoe talking about email scams and how they use special characters to disguise their email as google or apple.

I created a validator. Note this is for English Letters ONLY.

nice, I also watch theojo


Interesting how there are no exact lookalikes for w, t, r, or m.

Neither for g, k, q, s, z.

Letters not in that list:

  • b
  • f
  • m
  • r
  • t
  • w

It's only in English that accented characters are "invalid." For example, your program rejects "Jens Mönig."

Yeah. The characters in the list should, at least, include ones that look exactly the same, but aren't.

This is for English Latin letters ONLY, so maybe I should add that in.

Please watch the youtube video.

"English letters" will do.

ʗ could be a look-alike too