Introducing SnipOS 11

Introducing SnipOS 11

One of the most powerful OS simulators on Snap!

We have added a lot of things, improved the OS with a new design, and added more apps.

Updates will be frequent. Try it today!

We are open to comments, feedback and suggestions!

Try it today! SnipOS 11

Any thoughts?

there is a glitch in the paint software

also I found how to make it able to have as many apps as you want
like in my new os
link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

nothing works here

thats what i saw

i found a bug within 5 seconds of starting the project
oh wait @mr_owlssssnap2 got the bug I got

I am so glad you've been updating SnipOS after all this time. You've also kept the same apps in and everything. How large is the File Size for V11?

Alr, ill work on it!

About 3mb i think or 4mb, thank you!

There's no problem with the settings, it must be on your side.

All known bugs have been fixed.



thats almost half of the allotted file size!

Oh yeah its 1.8 mb

hey also i remade my anode mode but in anode 1.2 and i think you should check it out

Dang my game's gone from SnipOS 11

After clicking on the folder icon and telling it to show pictures, the folder icon disappeared.
The folder is gone!

DOes it come back at all? because it works to show camera photos

In the time I waited, it did not come back.
It might be that there were no pictures saved to it (I'm using a desktop without a camera). It showed a turtle sprite, the sprite disappeared and so did the icon.