Introducing SnipOS 10, and some more info

Today is my birthday, so i wanted to release this project from a few months ago, and give a reason there hasnt been any new projects for awhile.

Hyposyn Software (on Snap!) is on Summer break! We are working on games, but will not release them soon.

Introducing SnipOS 10.

Welcome to SnipOS 10

SnipOS is an operating system simulator by Hyposyn Software. Remember, this is an operating system simulator, and is not to be compared to something like macOS Ventura, or Windows 11.

SnipOS 10 is the new, most powerful application that hyposyn has made on Snap!

Featured Feature: ColdFusion 1.0, frees memory to speed up the OS*, or uses more to improve quality.

(* Speed Up not promised to work on all browsers)

In OS7, (and OS6) we have decided to use applications curated by the hyposyn & Snap! community, and we have expanded that in OS10


Hyposyn Software is currently working on a type of game that has never been seen on snap! EVER. Stay tuned. Yes, i will be attending Snap!Con 2023. and i will be on the forum this week.

What is this game that you speak of?

Happy birthday!

I hate to be That Person, but you really shouldn't ever post your birthday online. I know this is the network equivalent of building a fallout shelter in your back yard, but, what can I say, we're stuck here in the 21st Century.

Great product!
Just one question: is there a tutorial for your version of Minesweeper?
I don't see how to flag a (probable) bomb location.

Let me see if i can find one, i made it a while ago

Also thanks!

A secret :smiley:

I really want to know lol
Can I have a hint

its kind of a combat game.

oh sweet
when will it release?
will it be multiplayer?

September, and it will be a campaign based game, so singleplayer.

so what qualities make it a "never been seen" project?

I looked up what the game is about and there is no other game like it on snap

whats so different about it?

Its the first of its kind on snap

im asking about what kind of qualities. like completely 3d or online. what are the qualities that make it different?

Most snap games arent campaign based, this one is. theres some more though

on your project the time zone ,notes and the paint are not working. is it that you need 8.2.3 for this project or is there a nothing this software is not working? what is the reason this project is not working on me?

Idk why

It’s Amazing! Hope you make it even more amazing :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada::tada: