Introducing 1.5 - The Texture Update

I have seen that some of the dyeio features and textures needed a makeover so i have finished this update after 2 days!

Introducing the 1.5 Texture Update!

Here are most of the changes!
Player Texture Update, Profiles, Explore Update, Arena update, More settings, New logo, Retextured Gun (btw use g key in arena to activate the gun, h key to deactivate the gun and enter key to shoot)
New loading screen,

And much more!

Check out the update now!

Here are some things about the gamemodes!


Arena Mode: Fight an enemy, in co-op mode where another person can use keys on the keyboard to play the game or Auto mode where a CPU plays the enemy.

Explore Mode: Explore a place where you can use your player to buy things from the shop using levels earned from arena mode. and much more!

There will be more modes in future updates
and dyeio 2!

Some of the new gamemodes in dyeio 2 are:

Creation Mode,

Ultimate Arena Mode,

and Void Mode.

Check out the new update here: v1.5

Or play it here, right now!

pet puppy

Looks kind of like one of my games


Love the death animations though!