Intro Contest

Hello, I have seen many people with intros at the beginning of their projects and I thought it was cool but I can't make them cause I am bad at it.

If you want to enter just create the project, and preferably do the things below!

Please add shake if you can!
Try not to make your own block in it.
Please do not make it to bright.
Preferred Colors: Black, Grey, White, and Blue.
Please add my user or Earth.
Please add electric music if you can find it!

First Place: funtime_foxy101 and cornelios207 are tied for first I will probably be using both!
Second Place: snapenilk
Third Place: lankybox01

Why is this topic in Share your Projects? It's not related to that at all.

I do not know what to put it in:(

I can do it for you since I have made my own-

are vars (variables) okay?

Oh, it's done btw.

I hope you like it. I thought the music would kind of match your username, but you can tell me to change it if you do not like it.

sounds like js to me

and woah, thats cool, you are a pro

Thx. I am a pro at only some things, though


The way you did the flashing blue, ITS AWESOME

Use script variables

It is so good! I might use it but I have to see the others and yes you can use vars.

Pretty good.

Why is the timing different now than when I was working on it?

I do not know. Only thing is the end background is plain maybe add a background.

Fixed and Done.

Did something here: Intro
It's a bit short but I hope you like it :]

Pretty good I like were the name shakes!

Results are out look in topic disription!