Intro Commissions

Hi everyone! Want an intro? I am opening commissions. I am only allowing 2 per a week and I will tell you if it is full but you can make a request for the next week and I might allow more slots.

Want me to make an intro? Please include the following in your request
Username you want for example mine is EarthRulerr not earthrulerr
Colors? (I would prefer if you let me choose colors)
Want the circles like in my example below or the sliding bar?

I am not taking music request I will hire a music editor and finder to sync music with intros.

Weekly Slots (CLOSED)

Extra slots (CLOSED)

Music finder, editor, and synchronizer:
Music/Synchronizer: bubgamer07_bungamer0

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (BEST)

Want to see all of my intros/outros? Click here:

I am making a Intro currently for the next person!

Anyone who wants it can claim it!

New Intro Template out this one more basic with less time and blocks!

More intros out! Check the description!

Recommendation: try to make your intros short and flowy.

Wdym by "Flowy?"

smooth moving.

Like slow movement? Or mean they do not go out of line and are parallel?

like not skipping along.

What do you mean? When the project gets out of sync? If that happens just reload.

Why did I get a notification about this being a new topic..?

I was looking at my topics and it was under collaborations so I changed it, I do not know why you got a notification.

can you make one for me @earthrulerr. here I have a screenshot of what I want
something to do with this

So I will make custom blocks then script pic then make an intro with it? What style? (Like for your Snap! projects, your Snap! intro, YouTube, etc.)

Thank you.

kind of like the first one you made just a little different. thanks. any music you want. and its for snap projects

Read this please. @sirhopsalot

Ok so YouTube style? That’s the first one I made. I will start working on it. I should have it complete by the end of the week.


Do you want the colors of the block to be the same as in the screenshot?